Monday, September 23, 2013

SMMART Reading: Spelling Noodles

Ahhh, the never ending Spelling Word Lists that come each week.  I actually am really enjoying the time we spend with spelling words lately.  It's a time to be with my daughter for a little bit and connect over homework...quite happily lately! 

Here is another little fun way to do the words.  If the noodle letters are not already separated (by mom) ahead of time, it gets to be a little tedious to find the words AND spell them.  The steam seems to run out a little more quickly, so I would suggest separating the letters you know that she'll use ahead of time into little piles.  This takes a little more time, so if you just want to dump out some noodle letters onto a plate for your child to sort, I might just ask her to build 5 to 10 words this way in between the words she practices with a pencil and paper.  Mix it up.

And after... Alphabet Soup!

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