Monday, September 9, 2013

SMMART Reading: Reading Nook

I've been trying to figure out how to make this little corner of my daughters' room a cozy reading spot.  This is what I've come up with for now...

Multiple bean bags lend itself to sisters spending time together (that's the hope).

These two little book cases are actually bathroom décor linen towers that we found discounted years ago.  They have floated around our home searching for their niche.  They are specifically for chapter books.

We had these paper lanterns from  They offer a nice pop of color.  I tied fishing line around the catch on the lantern and tied a small loop on the other end of the line to hang from the ceiling.  I just pushed a pushpin into the ceiling and bent it so the head end of the pin would catch the loop.

Maybe a nice overstuffed chair instead of the beanbags would be more inviting.  Always tweaking.  Here are some other photos of reading nooks that make me want to pick up a book: click here for a tutorial
(Considering putting up Rain Gutter Shelving alongside the bunkbed walls in my girls' room)

Basement Ideas / kids reading nook~
(Might just have to look into a hanging chair instead of the beanbags...because I know my girls would want to sit in that...and maybe grab a book while they're at it.)
(This 3D wall art is pricey...but pretty amazing!  They have dinosaurs, dragons, butterflies...)
(How about a Teepee or a Tent?  Maybe instead of the beanbags...or shove the beanbags inside a tent?  That would be FUN!)

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