Friday, August 31, 2012


Okay,  I've been dragging my feet writing as to why I haven't put up a post practically all summer...

This summer I just really wanted to focus on my family... lying in the grass and looking up at the clouds, exploring new places, going on vacation...and not worrying about putting up a post.

So, I gave myself that gift. It's not like one weekly post takes sooo much time...but it does, when I'm running after four little ones.  And I tell you, that this number four is keeping me so much busier!  He's an absolute doll, but I never sit down (except when I'm at the computer). 

I also started our own family blog.  I've been keeping journals up to this point, but I'm giving the blog a go and I'm really enjoying being able to have photos tell the story along with my text.  (I still have a journal though, to tuck in those little love notes and drawings.)

Time seems so precious lately... my little ones are getting so big and I want to know that I gave them my all.  This year will also be filled with doctor visits and surgeries...I am BRCA2 positive for the breast cancer/ ovarian cancer gene.  I am going forward with prophylactic surgeries that will help reduce my risks of getting these cancers.  I am blogging through this journey..for my children..and for others who may be experiencing this too.

So, time is precious and I've wanted to soak up my family for the summer...

SMMART BABY MATH: Counting Spider

This activity works great near by a hard surface...a floor or a hard cover book.

Use your nails to creep along the hard surface so your baby can hear your fingers coming.  "Here comes the spider!" 

Crawl along your baby's toes, feet, and up his leg til you tickle his tummy, shoulders and little neck.  While you are crawling, count your steps out loud..."One, Two, Three, Four, Five...Tickle!"


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