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Last DISNEY ON ICE 4 Pack WINNER (contest closed)

Week 1:
We'd love to see a Disney on Ice show - we've never been to one, or a live ice skating show!rosanova_family

Week 2:
Nikki said...
My most magical journey would be to Hawaii with my family.

Week 3:
lys said...
A. Chadwick...The Ancient Ruins in Greece

Week 4:
Tiffani said...
My most magical journey would be to a private island in the Caribbean.
T. Judd

Let me tell you...I had the chance to take my 4 year old to "Disney's Princesses on Ice" two years ago, and it was sooooo much fun to see the wonder and imagination come to life in her little eyes. For weeks and months after the performance, my daughter would "skate" around the living room in a circle as she imagined herself to be Belle and Cinderella. Well now, your little princess or prince can be awed by Ariel, Lilo and Stitch, Peter Pan and the Lion King. I know my girls will be so excited to see Peter Pan. They act out the battles between Hook and Pan with plastic toy golf club handles, and then take turns being Tiger Lilly as Pan saves her...Can't Wait!
Join Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as they travel to four magical destinations all in one fun-filled ice production! Disney On Ice presents Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey will take audiences on a sightseeing tour of the imagination. This ice spectacular visits Salt Lake City from Thursday, November 11th through Sunday, November 14th with eight performances at the Energy Solutions Arena. Tickets go on sale Monday, September 27th.
Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy have their bags all packed for a journey that will transport audiences straight from their seats into the magical worlds of best friends Lilo and Stitch as they hula in Hawaii; Simba and Nala as they explore the African Pride Lands; Ariel and Sebastian as they experience an aquatic adventure in their undersea kingdom; and Peter Pan and Tinker Bell as they soar through the starry skies.

Disney On Ice presents Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey features an international team of award-winning figure skaters, high-energy choreography and a colorful set that captures all four unique worlds. Audiences will be entranced as they experience this exciting excursion — one that will fill the arena with magic, music, and best of all, Mickey and Minnie!

Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Mickey & Minnies Magical Journey go on sale on Monday, September 27th and will be available at the Energy Solutions Arena Box Office, all SmithTix locations or by calling 801-355-SEAT or 800-888-TIXX, and online at or

Performance ScheduleThursday, November 11th – 7:00 PMFriday, November 12th – 4:00 PM & 7:30 PMSaturday, November 13th – 11:00 AM, 2:30 PM & 6:30 PMSunday, November 14th –1:30 PM & 5:30 PM

Tickets are priced at $13 - $23, $35 (VIP), $50 (Rinkside). Service charges and handling fees may apply. All seats are reserved.
You can purchase $10 Children's tickets with the code: BLOG
To learn more about Disney On Ice, visit

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AWESOME!!! The Univeristy of Utah shares genetic knowledge through interactive learning technology.  This is such a great site to see the insides of a cell!  As you look at each organelle, you learn about what they do to contribute to cell life.  There are many other learning opportunities on this site as well. 

Take a look:

Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" on Classical Violin...of course!
SMMART MUSIC:  Top 10 Classical Composers

I am not great at this, but when I remember, I try to help my girls recognize the composers to famous classical pieces.  For example, did you know that Disney did not just conjure up the music to "I Know You" in their film "Sleeping Beauty"?  Actually, Tchaikovsky composed the work...Disney just added the lyrics. 
What about the traditional "Wedding March"?...Wilhelm Richard Wagner.

These are the fun facts that will help your little one appreciate and recognize the GREAT composers!

Everyone has their list, I suppose...but I really LOVE this site!  This is a suggested "beginners" list of the Top 10 Classical Compsers with whom to be familiar.

The beauty of this site is that not only do they list out the names of their Top 10 picks, but beside each composer's name is a PLAY button...and a music player pops up to play some of the composer's most recognized works. 

 I'm tellin' you, this is a gem of a site!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

 SMMART MATH: Lines and Numbers
Welcome to the September Teach/Learn Blogging Carnival.  The Teach/Learn Blogging Carnival is hosted by  Science @ home is for anyone because we are all teachers and learners all the time.  This month our theme is MATH, which isn't just about counting!  Our bloggers have written about games, materials, memory, shapes, graphs and more.  Check out the links at the bottom to find some other great posts on Math.

Can I say that I love the little preschool that my oldest attended and now my second is attending?  Two certified teachers who taught in school for years, now run a preschool to facilitate being with their own children as they grow up.  This is a little activity that they did in class: 

-Draw a squiggly line, a convex line, and a jagged line on a piece of paper.  At the end of each line, draw a circle. 

-Lay out dried beans, noodles, or cereal pieces on the table.  Ask your child to estimate how many noodles would fit onto the jagged line. 
-Then help your child run a line of glue down the jagged line.  Show your child how to line up the noodles along the jagged line of glue. 

-After he has glued on all the noodles that will fit onto the line, count each noodle out loud and see how close your child was to his estimation.

-In the circle, have your child write the number of noodles it takes to fill the jagged line.

Please take the time to visit the other participants and check out their posts on "Maths."
  • Marita at Stuff With Thing writes about meal time maths with the help of our dinner table centrepiece and other food related maths fun :)
  • AmandaB at HomeAge talks about numbers, shapes and sizes, who knew that nested building blocks could be so much more fun than just building them up and knocking them down!
  • For Cass at Schooling Choices the car is one of her favorite learning tools. She thinks you could teach a child almost everything they needed to know about Math without ever leaving the car.
  • Deb at Science@home let her kids raid the chocolate to measure and compare with scales and graphs.
  • Backyard Safari is a right-brained person who spent a lifetime struggling with math, but comes to see the light through the wonder of nature.
  • SMMART Ideas is another food learner, estimating with beans, noodles and cereal...and getting a little number writing practice in there too!
  • For Monique at Your Cheeky Monkey, learning to tell the time is an important part of learning for a child, and it incorporates areas of Maths such as number recognition, counting, sequences and general numeracy.
  • Narelle at A Bunch of Keys has a simple sorting activity that can be done with young children using things found around the home.
  • CatWay at Adventures With Kids is using play to explore 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Colin at Super Parents is writing about the discipline of maths, memory, and recall at 7 years old.
  • Deb Chitwood from Living Montessori Now loves all the Montessori math materials. But there’s one material she says is absolutely brilliant.
  • Miss Carly from Early Childhood Resources has a range of different mathematics activities that you can play with your children of all age groups!
  • Ash from Mm is for Me has been having some number fun for little learners!
Thanks for visiting our carnival, we hope you find some interesting new blogs.

 SMMART ASPIRATIONS...Do you remember?

Do you remember what you loved doing when you were little?  What did you dream about being as you sang your heart out in the bathtub, poured line after phrase into your poetry journal, or raced your friends from the school door to the end of the block?

I remember sitting in front of the mirror running lines from "Annie", or repeating the same phrase over and over until I felt I had pinned the exact emotion required...basking in the rush of Starlight Express or so deeply devastated at Eponine's denial by Marius in Les Miserables. 

I took a drama class in 8th grade and the teacher encouraged me to try out for Summer Institute for the Arts Drama School...I attended for four summers...the best summers of my life as a youth!  But then, so torn between my left and right brain...decided that drama wasn't a practical vocation (not likely to pay the bills and very likely to provide immoral roles and opportunities).  That's how I saw it anyway.  I can't say I'm sorry I didn't pursue the stage.  I guess I figure that hobby finds a way to be satisfied in ways other than Kennedy Center lights, and can be pursued when the little ones aren't so under foot.

Whoa...I usually like to listen to others spill, rather than bare my own soul.  So, back to the point ... Disney on Ice is comin' to town...and one of our own, Janusz McKinnon, from Bountiful is skating in the cast!  I thought I'd share some of his inspiring story.  He loved skating, he pursued it, he's living part of his dream.
HOMETOWN: Bountiful, Utah

WHY DID YOU START SKATING? My parents took my older brother and me to a public skating session at the Bountiful Recreation Center, and both of us liked it so we started to take the Learn To Skate classes.
SKATING ACHIEVEMENTS (Competitions/awards/tests): I skated in numerous regional, sectional and national competitions. I have passed my Gold Freeskate and Gold moves in the field test.
LIST YOUR INTERESTS/HOBBIES/FAVORITE PASTIME: I played a lot of different sports when I was growing up other than ice skating. I played hockey and football in high school. My favorite pastime is hanging out with my friends and just relaxing whether it be going up to the mountains or just relaxing on the couch.
ROLE MODEL(S) (Skating or otherwise): I would have to say Scott Hamilton. I have looked up to him for a very long time. He is a really nice person and is real.
TOUGHEST CHALLENGE (During skating career): Actually after I had surgery on my ankle it took me three years to finally come back and compete for the last time in November. It just took a long time getting the motivation to start training again when I knew that I wasn't going to win or anything. I just ended up doing it for myself and had one of the best times skating and seeing all the people that I had competed against three years earlier.
PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS: Eventually I want to graduate college and get my degree in athletic training. Besides that, I eventually want to be a skating director at an ice arena.
WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO KIDS WHO HAVE A DREAM/DESIRE TO DO SOMETHING LIKE SKATING? Don't quit when everything looks like it is going wrong. Because, no matter how hard it is going to be at times, it is well worth it when you reach your dreams.
IF YOU WEREN’T A PROFESSIONAL ICE SKATER, WHAT MIGHT YOU BE DOING FOR A LIVING? I would probably be an athletic trainer or own my own dance club.
HOW DID YOU AUDITION? I auditioned while the Jungle Disney On Ice show was in Salt Lake City. My coach Karel and his wife Amanda set up an audition with their friend who was the performance director.
WHAT DID YOU DO PRIOR TO JOINING FELD ENTERTAINMENT? I was coaching ice skating lessons in Ogden, Utah, at the Weber County Ice Sheet. I was also working for a security company at different special events such as concerts, U of U football games and many other things.
WHAT DO YOU ENJOY ABOUT PERFORMING? Being able to see the kids in the audience going crazy with excitement about seeing the different characters in the show. Making people smile is what I have always liked to do when I am skating.
WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT ICE SKATING? Being able to do something that most people that I know can't. I like the jumping aspect of the sport and over time I finally figured out the spinning part also.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR SKATING STYLE? My skating style isn't too graceful. I just skate how I want to. I like to take all the things that I have learned from the different coaches and add it into my own skating style.
WHAT DO YOU WANT THE AUDIENCE TO GET FROM YOUR PERFORMANCE? I want them to enjoy what they are watching and leave with a smile on their faces.
WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT BEING ON TOUR? The chance to travel all over and meet so many different types of people
WHAT COUNTRIES HAVE YOU PERFORMED IN WHILE TRAVELING WITH FELD ENTERTAINMENT? Since this is my first year so far, just the United States. I think that will change the longer I am here.

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? I grew up in Bountiful, Utah.
HOMETOWN CLUB WHERE YOU TRAINED/NAME OF COACHES: I trained for about 13 years at the Bountiful Recreation Center. The home club there is the Utah Figure Skating Club. The past three years I have been skating at the Weber County Ice Sheet. The Wasatch Figure Skating Club is at that arena. In Ogden, my coach is Karel Kovar.
NAME OF HIGH SCHOOL/YEAR GRADUATED/LOCATION: Woods Cross High School, graduated 1996
NAME OF COLLEGE/YEAR GRADUATED/LOCATION/MAJOR: Weber State University, not yet graduated, Ogden, Utah, Athletic Training check back for the SMMARTideas Disney on Ice Giveaway!

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SMMART ART: Art activities online

I found a matching game for famous artworks at

It was fun to see what paintings I was already familiar with. This game has just enough matches that it's not too overwhelming for smaller children who may already be familiar with some great works. If your child is not a reader, then you can read the artist and name of the painting. This game reminded me of my SMMART Art post "Matching Masterworks".

Check out this site! It links you to other sites rich with art games online and art activities.  Love this site!


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