Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SMMART Math: Scrambled Egg Waffles

I found a super fun idea in the October 2013 Family Fun Magazine...Waffle Eggs!
This was a hit for breakfast, for kids...

...and parents!

Crack 3 eggs and stir them up in a bowl or even a mug...quick, quick.  Pour the eggs evenly between the two waffle iron molds.  3 eggs fills up the two waffle squares perfectly.  If you add milk, then the mixture will go a bit further.  I cracked 9 eggs, added a bit of milk, and it made 8 waffles eggs.  Cook in the waffle maker about 2 minutes 'til done.

So, the SMMART Math begins. 

For younger children, ask them to count the number of squares they can find.  Older children can even include the larger squares that have little squares inside of them.  Even teenagers will be counting squares for a long time if they include all those squares... makes me tired thinking about it:)

Now for Multiplication!  This is a great tool for understanding Times Tables.  I believe the "table" comes from the ol' Times Table:

The waffle is a manipulative to help in the understanding of what it means to say, "2 X 4 = 8".

Cut out a 2 X 4 section of waffle.  Show your child that there are 4 rows of 2 or 2 rows of 4.  "That's what 2 times means.  You have 4 rows twice, or 2 times."

Show a larger example.  6 X 5.  Have your child explain how many rows of 5 there are and that those rows are there 6 times.

A few times of that, while eating each example, makes for eggselent practice. 

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