Monday, September 30, 2013

SMMART Reading: Bed Book Basket

OH MY GOODNESS!  I LOVE THIS!  I was moving stuffed animals off and onto the bed for the umpteenth time while changing sheets on my girls' beds.  So many stuffed, furry cute and cuddly...and so in my way!  "I need more storage room for these things", my brain screamed! 

And a gift...came the idea of a bed basket!  I looked online...I looked at big box stores... and I found these at Home Depot by the hanging flower-coconut lined baskets.  I needed 36" to span the width of the girls' bunks (twin size).  These are a simple vertical metal design, but they were the cheapest I could find at $24 each.  I liked some of the more intricate rod iron designs I saw online, but the price was much higher. 

And the beauty of this "charming Hampton Bay 8 in. x 36 in. Metal English Flat-Wire Horse Trough" is that they are light weight, but sturdy and there are two vertical holes on the back side where I could hang this bed book basket with a ribbon!  So, no drilling or dinging up the girls' bed with hardware.  The girls have bunk beds that have slats for their footboard, so this way of hanging them will not work for every footboard, but the trough does come with hardware that has L-shaped "hooks" where you can hang the hooks over the footboard. (like this). 

Trying to make the bed book baskets a little more special, I used 2 cans of lavender Rustoleum spray paint to finish off both troughs.  Remember...several light coats so the paint doesn't drip.  The color works great in their room.  (See the two vertical holes where I thread through the ribbon?)

I wanted to protect the paint finish on the girls' beds, so I wrapped ribbon around the metal part that would touch the girls' beds.

(Before the spray paint, trying to figure out how I would hang it and if it would work)
My oldest daughter likes to tuck her latest book in with her animals, so she can grab it to read and relax up in her bed.  Both girls love arranging their little furry friends in their baskets.

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