Monday, April 2, 2012

My daughter brought home a little book for reading practice, called Cascarones are Fun!  Since Easter is approaching, we thought this would be a perfect activity for our "formal" monthly art class.  Aprons on!
It seems that Marco Polo brought the first cascarones from Asia.  They were filled with powder or spices.  Now they are filled with confetti and small toys.  They are to be cracked open over someone's head.  Cascarones are fun for holidays and celebrations. 
First we tapped holes throught the eggshell on the bottom of the eggs.  Then we shook out the white and yolk into a bowl.  We rinsed the inside of the eggs and let them dry.  Fill the insides of the eggs with confetti.  Using a small paper wrapped into a funnel made the egg filling a lot easier.
Cut out small pieces of tissue paper that are large enough to cover the hole in the shell.  Brush a glue wash onto the perimeter of the shell hole and place the tissue paper on top.  Brush the tissue paper down with glue wash to keep the paper on the egg.  Let the hole-covered-eggs dry.
Make a Cascarone work-station by placing the dried eggs into an empty egg carton, place a brush in the lid and a small cup of gluewash beside carton.  Place any desired embellishments inside the carton lid.
We cut down the carton pockets to make a stand for our cascarones while they were being embellished.
Now, decorate your Cascarones with glitter and glue, tissue paper hearts, sequence and jewels.  You can even make your own Cascarones Character!
We are going to hide our Cascarones for our family Easter Hunt and then crack 'em open!

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