Monday, April 9, 2012

Letter Cookies

I Love these letter cookies from Winco Grocery store... and I loathe them...

I happened into Winco Grocery Store (not in my neighborhood) and found these awesome cookies.  
Yes, of course, they are a great motivation for little letter learners to tell me the letter sounds. 
Yes, of course, they cause a whimsy and excitement in my little spellers to create and spell words for a nice chunk of time...cookie letters spread out on the little table and magically being molded into words. 
Yes, of course, they make for fabulous school treats tucked lovingly into my daughter's lunch bag. The message is written in permanent marker on a snack-size plastic bag and she gets to spell out the message of love or encouragement before she eats them.

But the problem is... they also taste really good...

I am tempted to make the 30 minute drive back to the store since our cookie stash is mysteriously low.

1 comment:

3chickapens said...

yeah! Pick up some for me too! How fun!


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