Monday, April 23, 2012

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Journaling Summer Adventures

Last summer I asked my friends to help me brainstorm to find a few fun places we wanted to visit over the summer.  I put together a list of 13 fabulous fieldtrips for each Wednesday of summer vacation.  I e-mailed the list out to everyone in our neighborhood and invited all to attend. 

The summer fieldtrips were great fun and it was wonderful to have something planned in advance to look forward to.

This summer we have a new group of fabulous adventures planned for each week.  Start planning now to get the days that you want and so everyone can plan their summer.

I found this great illustration/handwriting paper online.  I thought I'd print off a page for each week and make a little Summer Adventure Journal to take these along in the car.  Have your child decorate the front cover!  On the way home, the kiddos can record their adventures and practice their spelling and penmanship!
Check out the template (she has various sizes of lines):

So, I was asked to share some of the fieldtrips to give you some ideas.  Keep in mind there is power in numbers, so you can often get a great deal if you book fieldtrips at certain places.  We had a fieldtrip each Wednesday.  It's fun to go as a group!  Here you go:

Utah Museum of Fine Arts (Free day), then trip to close by playground and bakery
Wild West Jordan Playground and popsicles
Ophir Historic mining town with old homes and town buildings you can tour
Benson Grist Mill Historic Mill and buildings (Childrens' Day)
Tooele Railroad Museum tour and mini-train rides on certain days
This is the Place Historic Park Fun kids crafts, trains, street performances
State Capitol Building Tour
Humanitarian Center/LDS Welfare Square tour.  Bring items to donate to charitable services or the DI
Cold Stone Creamery tour
Childrens' Museum Discovery Gateway
Miller Motor Sportspark tour
Stansbury Fire Station Talk with the firefighters, tour the facility and truck, safety games
LDS Church History Museum Children's Art Exhibit play area
Soelberg's Grocery Store tour
Tooele Transcript Bulletin (Local Newspaper) tour
Mountain West Medical Center Special guests share how to a cast is made, X-rays and teddy bear clinic
Go see baby animals on a farm
Tooele Jail
Tooele Water Treatment Facility
Hale Center Theatre


Emily S said...

Love your summer field trips! So much fun, you are motivating to me. Sometimes it is fun to give the kids a clipboard with a pencil attached to record observations as they go. Teach them how that's what scientists do. Some field trips it doesn't work, but for some you get some adorable things.

SMMART ideas said...

Hey Emily,

Great idea with the clipboards. I bet I would get lots of "drawing" observations from my little artists. Thanks for the idea!

Matt and Cris P. said...

You should share the summer field trip list to give others ideas.

SMMART ideas said...

Great Idea...or SMMART idea, rather! Here you go!


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