Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Huntin' Handles

If you are headed to a big hunt, then you may be wondering what bag to bring along for your hunter.  Traditional Easter baskets don't hold many eggs and are too shallow, so eggs easily fall out of them when bending down to retrieve another egg.  Plastic grocery bags offer great capacity, but you have to open them each time you add an egg.

How about this little grocerybag Easter Egg Huntin' "handle"?  The handle is an easy grip for youngins and stays open, while preventing spills.  If you are amazing at hunting and fill your bag, you can release the filled bag and swap for a new bag.
Find a thin, cardboard box (pasta, babyfood cereal, juice carton...) and cut off the bottom and top flaps so that you now have a retangular tunnel of box front, box back, and two box sides.
Cut the top part of the sides off.  You'll want to leave at least 3-5" of the bottom of the box sides.  If you want to reinforce the handle, fold the top of the box front (and then back) down in half-ish.  Now you can poke a hole into the upper part of the box front and cut out a large rectangle (leaving 3-5" of space left at the bottom, like you left on the sides.)  Create a handle.  Tape the bended flap down to make a secure handle and you may wish to tape around the fingerhold area too.
Slide a grocery bag through the center of the Easter Huntin' Handles and slip the grocery bag handles over the Easter Huntin' Handles.  Pull down on the grocery bag to make the bag snug over the handles.  If the handles are too big and not snug, just snap that handle in half and tie it over the Easter Huntin Handles.

If you wish, you can spray paint the handles to cover over the box print.  Then let your child color it with markers, cover it with Easter stickers, or paint the Easter Huntin' Handles.
Happy Huntin'!


Jaimi said...

Wow! Definitely interesting and very resourceful.

SMMART ideas said...

That sounds funny..."very interesting...very resourceful". I know it's a little "interesting", but it popped into my head when I was contemplating what bag to bring along for the little ones at the community Easter Hunt. Personally, we don't love the big hunts geared towards candy grabbing, but I am usually running our community hunt and the girls sometimes come along. We love the Easter hunts in our yard with the girls in their Easter dresses and pretty baskets (yes a lot of eggs do fall out of their baskets while they hunt. Thanks for your comment Jaimi!


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