Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SMMART TIME-OUT: Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas

I thought I'd share with you the Party Plan I've made for my daughter's class party.  Might help you a bit if you are sifting through ideas to use at your child's school.  Keep in mind, these ideas are not original and I didn't think about posting them on my site until after I was all done making up the plan, so I don't have places to site some of the ideas.  Sorry no photos yet.

4 Breakout Activities (10 minutes each):
1-Children attempt to place lips on Mrs. Hyre’s picture while blindfolded. 

2-While waiting their turn,students attempt to stack valentine heart candies into a tower using chopsticks (they can use two hands or just try to balance a tower that rests on top of two chopsticks placed next to each other… however they wish to play)

3-If time remains, the parent helper can lead the class in “Lips, lips, who has the lips?”

(SUPPLIES NEEDED:  8X10 photo of Mrs. Hyre, 24 cardstock lip cutouts, masking tape,  bag of Valentine Hearts, 6 pair chopsticks)

Make head bands from poster paper and punch two holes on the top to push the pipecleaners through the top holes.  Roll each antennae around a pencil to make twirl effect.  Top each antennae with a heart.

(SUPPLIES NEEDED: 24 Poster paper bands from 6 Posterboards, 24 pipecleaners, Masking tape to secure the hat band, 48 LARGE googly eyes, 4 black felt pieces, 1 piece of black cardstock to make mini heart antennae toppers,  24 mini pieces of yarn for mouth, craft glue, 8 Q-tips, 2 paper plates for glue, markers to accessorize and make dots or details on band- can make ladybugs, bees, beetle details…whatever they like with the markers)

CUPIDS ARROW- Children will load their straw with a Q-tip and blow into the straw to attempt to shoot the Q-tip into a bowl.  You can play in different ways:

1-      Students stand in two lines and the playing students stand behind a certain point to try to shoot their 3 Q-tip into a bowl.  Players try to get their 3 Q tips into the bowl before the other player.

2-      Relay race where each student gets one Q tip and the two lines compete to see whos team can shoot their Q tips into the bowl first.

3-      All students get 3 Q-tips and stand around the bowl in a circle (far from the bowl).  Students try to get all of their Q tips into the bowl before the other students.

4-      What other ways can you think to play?

(SUPPLIES NEEDED: 24 straws, 1 box of Q tips (at least 72 Q tips), Large bowl)

Flip Macey’s paper bags inside out and cut off top of handle to make 2 antennae.  Students will write their names on the back of the bag in BIG letters!  Decorate the face with Big white hearts and little black hearts for eyeballs, pompom nose and pink heart for lips.  Then students can decorate with additional stickers or marker details to create their Love Bug Bags.

(SUPPLIES NEEDED: 24 paper bags with handles (from Macey’s 10cents each)including one for Mrs. Hyre, 8 White cardstock to make 48 large eye hearts, 16 black cardstock to make 48 smaller eye hearts and 48 antennae toppers, 24 Pompoms for noses,  4 pink cardstock for 24 Heart mouths, craft glue, 8 Q-tips, 2 paper plates for glue, Markers to accessorize (eyelashes, cheeks…)and WRITE NAME on back)

ALL the class together:

VALENTINE MAIL:  Students will get their valentines and stand in a circle around their Valentine Boxes that are in a circle.  Parent helpers will be in the middle of the circle to help the students.  Students will walk around the circle and drop their valentine treat into each box. (This will give parent helpers time to clean up tables and set out plates, drinks, extra cookies or treats and materials to make the Valentine Love Bug Treats)

Link 3 donut holes onto half a skewer and let the children add pretzel antennae to the head and and legs to the thorax.

(SUPPLIES NEEDED:  72 donut holes and 12 skewers (3 donut holes per child pre-linked on a half skewer-cut off sharp end), 120 pretzel sticks (5 per child-2 antennae and 3 halved for legs), 48 valentine heart candies for eyes-no icing…just rest them on since they will be eaten immediately)

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