Thursday, January 10, 2013

SMMART SCIENCE: Growing Gummy Heart

Goodness! This is fun stuff! Look through your child's Valentine Candy they bring home and see if any of the candy has gelatin in their ingredients. If it's gummy, goomy candy, then it probably has gelatin in it. You can try different candies to determine if gelatin is present with this activity too.

Two candies of the same kind is best so you can compare sizes afterwards. Place one candy into a bowl of water and after some time... you will observe that the candy has GROWN. Have your child pull out the candy from the water and compare the size of the waterlogged candy to the normal size candy.

Gelatin absorbs water. You can read all about it from an earlier guest post here, from Loralee at, where she has all kinds of fun ways to play with your candy. She actually has a new book out too called Candy Experiments, by Loralee Leavitt.

Here are some Valentine activities I shared on "Good Things Utah":

Also today, the Wallace F Toronto Foundation (I'm on the board as secretary) had a segment.  Check out :

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