Thursday, January 10, 2013


Happy Valentines coming up!  Here is a few fun Science Actitivity to share with that special someone!

Okay, we've done this activity before, but it's too fun, quick and easy to pass up.  Hopefully you have little heart molds somewhere, but if not:
-drop a little raisin into each block of an icecube tray and fill with water to freeze.  Call them little love bugs in the ice
-color your icecubes red or pink
-if you are using the long cubes, call them cupid's arrows

Place a few icecubes in a bowl of water.  Give your child a piece of yarn (at least a foot long) and have them lay the yarn on top of the ice and count to 20.  Then have them lift the yarn to see what happens (nothing will happen...just wet yarn).  Have your child lay the string across the icecubes and sprinkle salt on top of the yarn that is lying on the ice.  Count to 20 and lift up the yarn.  The ice sticks to the yarn like a necklace! 

Salt melts the ice around the yarn and the cold water helps the ice refreeze a bit around the yarn so the ice cubes freeze right onto the yarn.  It's a fun magic every time!

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