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Summer 2010 Activity Calendar


SMMART READING: Summer Calendar


A local media company , Deseret Media Companies, and the Utah Governor's office want to "link arms with all those who work toward the mission of literacy...(and) boost literacy" in school-aged children. They are circulating a calendar for the summer months with activities for each day. Some activities are literary in nature, while others are crafty, and some encourage activity.


It would be fun to create your own Activity Summer Calendar. Each morning, your child will look forward to reading an activity that you will do together that day.

You can get fancy and type the activities into a calendar template, or just write the activities down on a dedicated calendar for this purpose.


Here are some fun summer activities to share with your child from the "Read with a Child" calendar:

-Visit your local library and join their summer reading program

-Make a pirate map of your backyard. Draw pictures of trees and rocks. Count off steps and remember Xmarks the spot!

-Ask an adult to help you bake cookies. Sugar cookies can be shaped into fish or other sea creatures.

-With an adult, set up a sprinkler and run through the water.

-Use various sizes of small bowls of water and let children toss balls into the bowls.

-Organize an outing to a water treatment plant. Write or draw about how you can conserve water within your home and community.

-Begin a daily journal.

-Learn about what lives in water?

-Sea serpents are legendary marine animals that resemble enormous snakes. Write a paragraph or draw a picture about a sea serpent living in the Great Salt Lake or waterbody near you.

-Blow bubbles outside.

-If you went for a swim in the deep blue sea, what would you see? Draw a picture.

-Let children sit under an umbrella in a sprinkler rainstorm.

-Read a story about the mammals in the ocean and seas. What are some differences between mammals and fish?

-Watch the sky today. Find a book about clouds, weather, and rain.

-Learn new words and write their definition, or draw a picture of the meaning.

-Share a descriptuve story of what you would do if you were stranded on a desert island.

-Use a clean spray bottle with a nozzle strem to write your name on the widewalk in water.

-Show different shaped balloons, before and after adding water. Describe how they change in shape, size, feel and color.

-Water watcher-try to use less water while brushing your teeth.

Check out this site for more Reading Activity Calendar ideas:

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