Sunday, May 23, 2010


Did you know that you are supposed to change the batteries in your smoke detector every six months to a year? Can't believe I didn't know this! (Maybe I did once upon a time, but just forgot:) It kind of sucked the wind from my lungs when I heard the fire chief remind us at my pre-schooler's last field trip. There were some other great reminders too...thought I'd share a few to make sure that we're all Fire Safe!

-Make a FIRE ESCAPE PLAN from your home and PRACTICE with your family. I think it would be a good idea to practice every six months when you're changing the batteries in your smoke alarms. Here is a link to help you plan your fire escape plan:

-Help your children become aware of what a fully suited FIRE MAN LOOKS LIKE and teach them to not hide from the possibly scary looking man, but to trust him to help your child.

-Here are some great SAFETY DISCUSSION POINTS to share with your children:
- TEST YOUR FIRE ALARMS MONTHLY. Let your child be involved in pushing the button and testing the alarms to make sure they're working. The fire chief showed us a fire alarm that, when activated, sounds a voice-alert. Here is a review on the KidSmart fire alarm-you decide if it's better. Be sure to remember a CO Detector too! (Some alarms come 2-in-1)

-Teach your child how to "STOP, DROP and ROLL" while covering their faces, and Feel doors if they're hot or cold before exiting.

I think a great activity to share with your children is to show them these hazardous room pictures at and discuss the fire safety mistakes. You could print the list of mistakes and then cut them into strips. Take turns choosing a strip and finding the mistake in the picture.

If you haven't had a chance to visit the fire station with your child, plan a field trip there and invite some neighborhood friends. Our fire station did an excellent job of sharing some life-saving ideas with our children, and reminding MOM of what I need to do to ensure that my family FIRE SAFE!

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