Sunday, June 15, 2008


Hold one end of a jump rope and let your child hold the other end. Turn the jump rope together or shake the rope back and forth. You can also let your child hold both ends of the jump rope and try to jump over the rope as you help him. As you play with the jump rope, sing a simple song or chant to keep the beat of the moving jump rope. You could also count to 10 to the beat of the jump rope.

Reciting poems or counting, and singing songs to the jump rope beat helps build rhythm skills.

Memorize a song, nursery rhyme or poem to the beat of the jump rope. First, you will recite the poem to the beat of the jump rope. You may wish to recite it a few times. Now recite the poem and leave out a word for your child to fill in (probably slower than the beat). Pick the beat back up as you continue with the poem and drop out another word. After reciting the poem together a few times, you may be surprised to realize how much your child remembers.

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