Sunday, June 22, 2008

Help your child collect small waterproof items of interest around the house and outside.
Some things that will work well are glitter, small toys, colored yarn, twigs, leaves and small pebbles. Your child can help you cut up the string or ribbon into small pieces. Help your child fill up a bundt cake pan, plastic bowl, ice cube tray, or any other type of mold with water.
Let your child stir up the treasures in the water.
Sprinkle the waterproof trinkets all over the water. Many items will sink to the bottom, but when the mold freezes, those items will show nicely on top of the ice. Place the water molds and trinkets in the freezer until completely firm.
Unmold the ice and place on a plate or outside on the sidewalk. Enjoy the beautiful ice art that you have created. You may wish to time how long it takes for your ice art to melt.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, this is awesome, I can't wait to try it!


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