Monday, November 12, 2012


This is another fun way to explore how water can be in a liquid state and an solid state when it's frozen! (

We poured water into cute little ice molds (from IKEA) and put a drop of food coloring in each one.  We observed the food coloring diffuse through the clear water.

When the water was frozen into its solid state, we headed outside.  Each girl had a waterbottle with a squirt top. 
Stack the ice cubes and pour a little water onto the top of an ice cube as you stack your tower.  The water freezes the two cubes together and acts like glue. 

Heads up...this was messier than I thought it would be.  The food coloring did get on the girls' gloves and coats(they're in the wash now).  Also, the girls couldn't hold the tiny cubes well with their thick gloves and ended up taking them off...which made for cold fingers.  The outcome was pretty though!

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Loralee said...

Wow, those are fun!

We had a fun time a few years ago squirting colored water onto the snow to make fun designs. Warning from my sister: never use yellow!


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