Monday, October 1, 2012

SMMART SCIENCE: Dried Apple Witches

Perfect!  I remember doing this as a little girl when I lived in Germany!  I saw this idea again at  They made darling little dried apple witch faces.  I remember making little old lady faces.
Peel apples and soak them in lemon and salt water for about 5 minutes.  Use kid knives to cut out mouths, poke out eye holes and carve out noses and ears.
Let the apples sit out on a rack to dry for a few days.  Beside the peeled apples, set out an apple that has its peel still on.

When the apples are dry, use tacky glue to dress up your witch.  Add hair, maybe a little witch hat.  Some beads in the eye holes and permanent marker to enhance the witch lips.

Ask your child why the apple looks different from a newly peeled apple.  Why did the apple shrivel up? (Water evaporated from the apple).  Observe the difference between the apple that still had its peel on and the apple that was peeled.  How does the peel protect the apple?

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Jedda said...

we are soooo doing this! Thanks!


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