Sunday, October 7, 2012

SMMART Art: Kabooky Heads

Well, that's what we call them...Kabooky heads... little shrunken heads for Halloween.

So, we made our fabulous dried apple heads, adorned with beads and hair and hung them up over our porch front entrance.  They looked fabulous...until the yellow jackets decided to LOVE them, carve them out like a cave and reside in them.  I tied a grocery bag around each head to trap in the yellow jackets, then cut the string they hung on and tossed them into the yard til the swarms of yellow jackets died.  YIKES!
This was another attempt at Kabooky Heads..certain to not be bothered by pests!
Stuff a pantyhose sock with a handful of cottonballs.  Tie off the top. Then use thread and needle to pucker sew in eyeballs.  Just sew a little bunch of pantyhose and cotttonball and then send the needle to the back of the head and pull taught and make a knot.  The eyeball will sink into the head.  Then stitch on a mouth.  Tug at the cottonballs to make the nose protrude a bit.  There you have your Kabooky Head.

Now, let your darlings decorate and adorn the scary little heads with beads and jewels and yarn hair.

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