Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Mummy (Un)Roll
Oh my bats and black cats!  Kids LOVE being rolled up in toilet paper like a mummy!  Love it!

The only prep you need to do is grab a few rolls of toilet paper, and grab some little plastic spiders. You're going to spell out a spooky word on the belly of each spider.  Write ONE letter on each spider's belly with a permanent marker. (The orange plastic spiders might work better for this so you can see the could also use any little halloween trinket that is light weight.)

Have one child start rolling up another child in toilet paper.  Periodically you will place a spider in the toilet paper streamer as the child is rolling up her mummy, until all of the spiders are gone.

Now, on the countdown-"3 Bats, 2 Lizards, and 1 witch's eyeball...GO!"  Your child starts to unroll the mummy as fast as she can.  She may just rip all the toilet paper off as fast as she can.  The spiders will drop to the floor.  Both the unroller and the mummy now work as a team to gather up the spiders and try to figure out what the SPOOKY WORD is scrambled on the bottom of all those spider bellys.

This makes for a great relay game if you have two or more mummies and unrollers!  If you are playing wtih smaller children who are only familiar with their ABCs and not yet reading, then you can write all the letters of the alphabet on the bottom of the spider bellys.  After unrolling your mummy, help your child put the spiders into alphabetical order.   This game adapted from ( 
Spider Spelling!


Anonymous said...

Love your segment in GTU! I have your blog on mine to see things as you put them there. I am a grandma with some smart kids to have fun with and I appreciate all your great ideas! Keep them coming!!

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

What a fun segment with the ladies on GTU. You look fabulous & what cute and fun ideas you showed! Hope you guys are doing well! :-)


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