Monday, September 19, 2011

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
"Fully Charged"
How to approach and pet a Dog

Can you believe that the Circus is almost in Utah...September 22-25th!  Not sure if I would ever be bold enough to kiss a tiger, but you can have a chance to get an up-close look at the animals of the Ringling Brothers Circus during the hour pre-show, 90 minutes before the performance (free to all ticket holders).   "Dance with the dancers, high-five the high wire act, take pictures with acrobats and aerialists, laugh with the clowns, and enter to win an original pachyderm Picasso created by Asia, the painting Asian Pachyderm."

You will also have a chance to meet the circus animals' care-experts and learn about the lives of these amazing animals.  It's an opportunity to ask questions about your favorite circus animals!   Great care is taken to provide a healthy environment, medical care and respectful training of these animals. 

You may not see exotic animals outside a trip to the zoo or a circus visit, but our children have opportunities to interact with animals almost daily.  It's important to remind them of how to properly care for (or avoid dangerous) animals in our  neighborhoods.

My cousin, who is visiting this week, is in her third year of Vet school.  My girls have loved spending time with her and her dogs, Homer and Zoe.  The first thing that Cousin Ann taught my girls was how to correctly approach a dog.  This is a good reminder for all of our little ones before sticking their hand out to an unknown animal:

-Never approach a stray dog or a sleeping dog. 
-Never sneak up behind a dog
-Don't try to take a toy or food away from a dog.
-Ask the owner if it's okay to pet his dog and if it's friendly.
-Approach the dog from the side and not head-on, but be visible.
-Put your hand out and let the dog approach you. 
-Pet the dog on the shoulders or back, or wherever the owner says you should pet their animal.
-Give the dog a treat if the owner has one for you and says it is okay.

Share these tips with your child and be safe playing in the neighborhood!

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