Monday, September 5, 2011

SMMART MATH: Banana Fractions
How Does an Elephant Eat an Unpeeled Banana?

The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus will be in Salt Lake City from Sept. 22-25th. The iconic circus animal must be the Asian elephants... especially when there's a little baby elephant.  Some types of elephants can eat up to 660 lbs of vegetable matter a day!  So do they bother to peel the bananas?  No way!  Their stomach's strong digestive enzymes take care of the peel too.

This is a fun trick to help teach your children fractions...sneaky fractions.

When your child opens this peeled banana, they'll find it evenly cut into FRACTIONS!

Poke a long, skinny, cleansed pin into the banana and move it from side to side to cut the banana inside the peel.  Cut the banana inside the peel into even segments.

When your child opens the banana (SURPRISE!), have him child count the number of pieces of the banana.  Put one piece aside and have your child repeat "one sixth" (if there are 6 pieces).  Then put two pieces aside and repeat "two sixth".  When you put three pieces aside, say "three sixths and this is half of the banana!"  Ask your child to eat a sixth of the banana and to share two sixths with you. 

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