Sunday, August 8, 2010

SMMART READING: Tub-Time Worksheets

WHAT?!? Yes! Even in the Tub... such a slave driver!
No, not all the time...but sometimes...

I can't believe I've never been told by ANYONE yet about this marvelous phonics learning site: . Click on the "Parents" link and scroll down to the ABC Practice Pages. Here (FREE!) before your eyes you can click on any letter and find a myriad of learning worksheets. Browse the site for other printables. There are fun online games and books to help teach your child phonics and reading- (FREE!)

Okay, so here's what I propose: Slap some contact paper on a worksheet that you print out. (I would print out another worksheet and put that one on the back of the first=double sided.) Tape that lovely up onto your tile tub wall...and give your child a washable marker to use.

"Let's play a little Tub Game!!!!"...this is the phrase that you must use with bubbling enthusiasm. Your child will squeal with excitement at the thought..and then...even get to use a marker. BONUS! In our dům (not dumb, but Czech for "house"), the marker is a rare priviledge...but if it's normal fare in your casa, then perhaps you can up the anty with a sparkle marker or something else that's fancy pants.
Such fun...and washable fun at that!

(BTW, will you please leave a comment if you have another MARVELOUS learning site that I have yet to learn about? I can feel accepted and in-the-loop!)


Ticia said...

Do you know about Progressive Phonics? Similar type of thing, and Those are the two I can think of offhand.

SMMART ideas said...

You are darling to let me know! Thanks so much!

3chickapens said...

What a great idea! I am going to try it, I didn't know starfall had pages like that, thanks!


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