Sunday, August 1, 2010

SMMART BABY ART: Color Walk...or Crawl

Colors, Textures, Sounds...

Place different colored clothing, blankets, jackets, fabric remnants, papers in a long path from room to room. Then "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" as you let your baby crawl or practice walking along the different textures and colors.

Share the color names of each piece of the path with your child, if the fabric is smooth or rough or slippery. Does the fabric make a sound when you step on it?

Older children will love walking along this colorful pathway that connects several rooms together. Ask your child to stand on a "blue" piece of the path. You can practice "dark blue and light blue", or ask your child to find other opposites like "shiny" and "dull", "wrinkled" or "straight/ironed", or "patterned" and "plain".

When it's time to clean up, help your older child sort the path into piles of "color", "texture" or "type of clothing".

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