Saturday, February 13, 2010


Kids love...stickers! They love to peel them and stick them on anything they can! Well, this game incentivizes reading with permission to put stickers all over themselves.

  • Write several words onto address labels (you can fit one or two words per label and cut them to size). You may wish to write as many "at", "an", "it"...words as you can think of so you are working in word groups.

  • Turn all of the little stickers over so you cannot see the word.

  • The first player rolls a dice. This player gets to choose a turned over word and attempt to read the word.
  • If he guesses the word gets to STICK the word onto himself! Then he gets to choose another word. This player's turn ends when he does not read a word correctly or he has read the number of words that the dice rolled. For example, if he rolled a five and has successfully read all five words he chose, then it's the next player's turn.
  • When the words are all gone, the person most covered in words is the winner!
(You can adapt this little game to younger readers. Use upper and lower case letters and when you turn over a letter, you must say the letter sound.) much sticky fun!
...Great for learning sight words too!
Check out this link to see SMMART REading ideas on "Good Things Utah":

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