Saturday, February 13, 2010


This could make for some serious SPELLING WORDS practice fun!

  • Write several words on notecards that you would like your child to practice reading. (You can use words that are all "at" words, "it" words, or "in" words...)

  • Place the notecards face down on the table or floor.

  • Take turns choosing a card and acting out the word. For example, if I chose the word "hat", I could pat my head and pretend to put a baseball cap on my head.

  • If you guess the word, you get to keep the card.

  • If you also SPELL the word when you guess correctly, you get a little piece of candy (skittle or m&m) dropped right onto your tongue!

  • The person who has the most cards by the time all of the words are the winner!
(You can adapt this to practicing letters by writing upper and lower case letters on the cards. Then when you choose a card, you must say the letter sounds and try to create the letters with your body or fingers. For writing practice, when you turn a card over you must write the letter on a piece of paper and say the letter sounds.)

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