Thursday, January 21, 2010

SMMART READING on "Good Things Utah"

Be sure to catch my SMMART Reading segment on February 18th

10:00am on ABC4

"Good Things Utah"

for fun Reading ideas to share with your kiddos!

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Kerrian said...

Hello Lisa!!! As for ski for free at Alta ~ we usually get there about 2:15 or 2:30 so we can be ready to hop on the lift right at 3:00 since the lift closes at 4:30. As for ski's ~ we went to Utah Ski and Golf and got a package for $350 that will give my 5 year old ski's until he is about 12 years old or a certain size (can't remember the sizes, but about the size of an average 12 year old) ~ pretty great deal if you ask me ~ we are going to do that for our daughter too when she grows out of my son's old ski's!!! Such a fun family activity!!! I know they rent ski's up at Alta also and I think they are only $10 ~ pretty cheap!!! Good luck!


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