Sunday, September 6, 2009

SMMART MATH: Popsicle Fractions

This activity works well with those long, thin, colored icepops in a plastic sleeve.

Cut a popsicle in half.
Let your child place the popsicle halves side by side to indeed compare and see that half means two of the same size.

Draw sharpie lines on an icepop. Divide the pop in half and then in fourths with the lines. Ask your child which line we cut to cut the popsicle in half.

Count the number of segments. Where would we cut the popsicle to create ONE/Fourth? What about THREE/Fourths…as you count out three segments.

Divide a popsicle into thirds with a sharpie. Where should we cut the popsicle to create ONE/Third? TWO/ Thirds? you count out two segments.

Discuss that the popsicle in its entirety is the WHOLE.

You can even add... 1/2
plus ½ = whole popsicle
1/3 plus 2/3 = whole popsicle
¼ plus ¼ = half popsicle…or subtract.

So, have fun doing popsicle fractions before summer ends!


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Jedda said...

I love this idea!


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