Sunday, June 21, 2009


Whatever method you choose, it is a great resource to have letters readily available and OBVIOUS for your child to play with.

You can have magnetic letters on your fridge or on a whiteboard.

You can post letters up on your child's door or wall with tape. Make sure that the letters are easily reachable for your child to explore and play with.

You can keep foam letters out and about.

My husband purchased this Leap Frog Alphabet/Number learning toy. We keep all of the letters and the audio player on the side of our fridge within reach of our children. This toy is great because it engages little minds and is fun to play with.
Put a letter into the audio player and: "P says 'puh', P says 'puh'. Every Letter Makes a Sound. P says 'puh'." I often ask my youngest to bring me the letter "X" and she'll run right over to the fridge and bring it to me...she loved this game even before she could speak!

Whatever the method, be sure to have letters available so your child can become familiar with their shapes and sounds.

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