Sunday, June 14, 2009


I was thinking of some ways to make simple crayon/marker drawings a more special and exciting experience for children. My 4 year old enjoys drawing...but what could be better than giving her a clean sheet of paper and a few crayons?

-Cut up an unused cardboard box (or cereal box) and let your child draw on a large portion from the box

-Let your child draw on an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll

-Give your child a paper plate to draw on

-Let your child use a marker to draw on a scrap piece of cloth

-Use a marker to draw on a paper towel (observe how the towel absorbs the marker and may "bleed" a bit)

-Let your child use a pen or marker to embellish the pictures of an old calendar or pictures from a magazine

-Draw on popsicle sticks or real wooden sticks

-Dare to let your child use permanent marker to decorate old plastic Easter eggs, recycled peanut butter jars (and other recyclables before they hit the recycle bin)

-Color the envelopes from your junk mail

-Use markers to decorate a rock

Just some thoughts...any more ideas to make a simple crayon drawing a more spectacular experience?


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twinmommy2 said...

I love your blog...such fun, creative ways to teach children!! I like to get dry erase markers and let my kids color on windows and mirrors in my house! Crayola even sells markers for mirrors that we just recently bought. But dry erase work just as well. I did have to remind them that we don't color on the walls. I think it's great for older kids - I don't know if I would have let them when they were really little -LOL!! Just thought I would share!☺ Thanks again for such great ideas!!


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