Sunday, April 26, 2009


We're off to VA to visit my family!

I'll be sure to post when I return in two weeks.

Anyone have some SMMART travel tips for me while I'm juggling two small children and a big, preggie belly on the plane? (Snacks, CHECK! Toys, CHECK!)


Robert Berman said...

This is a great site, I told my wife about it.My daughter will love some of these. What a long trip, it feels good to be home. It was a pleasure meeting you and your kids, and your future kid. Be safe on your travels and god bless!

SMMART ideas said...

A good friend of mine gave me a few travel tips when your kiddos are in tote:

Last week I saw on your blog ideas for entertaining your kids on the airplane. Here are just a few things we have tried or have heard about doing while traveling....

first of all have LOTS of snacks. our last trip anika was SO hungry because I forgot to pack more snacks on the plane.

when anika was Gabi's age I had her play with clothes pins on a flight we took to NY. This really kept her busy for a while. it is amazing how much they can do with them. sounds weird I know!!

my sister has also tried using post it notes, and scotched tape.

stickers! YES stickers are our friends when we travel. You could also get a map ( they have those place mat maps at walmart you could get too) you could have them put stickers on all the states they have been to AND the ones they fly over.

coloring books and LOTS of books

polly pockets ( at least that kept anika entertained after we went to Disneyland a few months ago.

Too bad you cant bring scissors on the plane because I KNOW that would entertain Anika for a while! :)

you could always get dani and gabi a cheap walkman and get them some tapes with kid music for them to listen to.

of course too the portable DVD player always helps too!! :)

Thanks, Arianne!


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