Sunday, March 22, 2009


I was inspired by a post by Kathy Barbro on her blog: She describes how to mimic a Louise Nevelson sculpture. She assembled wood sculptures from found articles (

My daughter and I walked around our home after a blustery wind storm and collected "Lost Things"...are you familiar with the Tinkerbell movie? You can refer to this as a "Trash Treasure" sculpture if you have a boy.

I squirted out an ample supply of craft glue onto a paper plate and let my daughter use a cotton swab to apply glue to her "lost things" (a great way to clean up the yard), and then apply them to a square of cardboard.

Spray paint or tempura paint over the whole sculpture to bring out the final contours and textures through one color.

My daughter wanted to paint her sculpture...and enjoyed adding some color with her tempura paints. It was fun for her to paint on different surfaces and textures.


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