Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hiding shamrocks for your “little people” provides a fun math learning activity.

Print out some shamrocks here:

or here:
and color them a few different colors. You could also cut out shamrocks from different colored cardstock or construction paper.

Hide the shamrocks around the room and let your child fill a basket with the “treasure”.

-Help your child count out the number of shamrocks she found.
-Let your child sort the shamrocks into colors and count how many of each color she found.
-Count all of the green shamrocks and then place one shamrock of another color beside them. Use appropriate math terminology with your child as you add (subtract/multiply/divide) the shamrocks together. “5 green shamrocks plus one red shamrock equals… six shamrocks.”

For even more advanced mathematicians:
You can assign a point value to each color. When your child sorts the shamrocks, she can add up all of the points by color and come up with a total.

Of course, this math activity is flexible to accommodate any holiday with an iconic shape, or just hunt for the colored geometric shape of your choice.


Ms. Julie's Place said...

Hi there! Love what you are doing here. Found you via ArtSmarts4Kids.
I do a little of what you do as well with an emphasis on the art.
Drop by sometime and feel free to borrow if any of the ideas are SMMARR enough. :)

Miss Julie

Ms. Julie's Place said...

Sorry, meant SMMART!

Jessica said...

It can be tough to come up with creative lessons and your site is a phenomenal resource. I'm so glad to have found it!

Please stop by my site to claim your Wonderful Blog Award.

Art Show For Kids . com said...

These are wonderful. Please invite your readers to tell their children about, a safe place where children share their art and participate in ongoing children artshows and kids art contests.

Way to go!

The Katies said...

Your site is full of fantastic lesson ideas. Would it be okay if I link to your Shamrock Search on a round up of St. Patty's ideas on my educational site?


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