Monday, January 26, 2009

Beauty in simplicity.
Sit down on the floor and hold hands with your child. Explain to her that you are not going to make a sound for 30 seconds and you need to listen carefully to the sounds that you hear.
After you both listen for a while, ask your child what kinds of sounds she heard. Ask your child if she heard the same sounds that you heard.
It’s nice to take the time to listen to your surroundings and be together for a little moment.

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Jenny said...

Lisa, first of all I think you are a genious. I'm so grateful for your ideas to connect more with kids and do science with them. Especially while I am searching for ideas that we can do indoors. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas with everyone instead of just keeping them for yourself while you raise your brilliant children. Second of all, thank you sooo much for your ideas with my book cover. I am getting so close and I think you are right. Keep the cover of "B" and experiment a little more with colors. Thank you!


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