Sunday, January 11, 2009


A dear friend of mine solicited a friend of hers to create a button for me without even knowing me. That is SOOO NICE! So, a public thank you to Kami.If you would like to add this button to your blog (and I would be honored if you do), then please e-mail me at:

I'll send you the HTML code.

Keep your eyes posted to

"Good Things Utah"

abc4 at 10:00am

January 14th!

I'll be presenting SMMART Reading ideas


Lesley said...

Hey Lisa, my email is
Shoot me off an email sometime!!

The Schroeder Family said...

I watched you on Good Things have such cute ideas for kids to learn words!! I can't wait to use them when my little girl gets a little older!! Thank you for the great ideas!!

katie said...

Your so creative, I watched you on GTU, And love your word and reading Ideas. My little boy will love it! Thanks

Teresa said...

I LOVE your ideas....thanks for sharing!

teachingtinytots said...

great ideas! i just found your blog i have one too they are so fun! i'll be back to check your blog often!

lys said...

Great job yesterday, Lisa!

Jedda said...

Great job on GTU. I watched the link you emailed. I posted about freezing bubbles the other day on This LIttle Project and thought of you and all your science ideas. We tried out the shaving cream in the bathtub today and had so much fun! Great idea!

Cory said...

I've been on your site forever today! I can't wait to do some of the projects with Addi. Send me the html code so I'll be better about keeping myself updated!


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