Sunday, July 27, 2008

Turn on some fun dancing music and let out the "LIMBO!" cry!

Rest a broom handle or other stick horizontally. You can also just hold the broom handle horizontally if you can’t find anywhere to rest it. Another idea is to tape a ribbon across a doorway and lower it as the game progresses.

Explain to your child that they should try to go under the stick without touching it. Lower the stick each time your child attempts to limbo. Observe the interesting ways she may attempt to go under the stick as it gets lower and lower.

There are other ways to adapt this musical game:

  • You can play animal limbo, where everyone has to move and make sounds like different animals- no repeats.
  • You can specify how to go under the stick: “Everyone has to crab walk limbo!” “Now, we’ll roll limbo.” “Time to somersault limbo!” “Try the snake slither limbo.” You can go first to show your child the movements.
  • Follow the leader. Your child can go under the stick first in a silly fashion and then you have to follow.

However you play Limbo, you’ll enjoy movement and music together!


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Lesley (Herlin) Weis said...

LOVED seeing you on Good Things Utah, although I am not used to seeing you with such long hair!! I am going to try these experiments with my kids. I'm sure my boys will love them!! I've been checking out your blog for a little while, since Kristiana turned me onto it. Look forward to seeing more of you on TV and more stuff on here!!


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