Monday, June 3, 2013


[ póllə nàyt ]
  1. transfer pollen and fertilize plant: to transfer pollen grains from the male structure of a plant anther to the female structure of a plant stigma and fertilize it

Draw a bee on cardstock or find one to print from online and be sure to draw two bumps below the bee where you can cut out finger holes.  Draw and cut out two or more flowers (one per kid).

Place a cheesy cheeto in the center of a flower that you've drawn and cut out.  Let your little be fingers land on a cheeto flower center and then land on other flowers. You'll see how the "pollen" gets transfered from flower to flower.
 I found a few pollination videos on you tube:
Silence of the Bees Documentary:
Pollen Stop Motion Movie:
Pollination song:
Sesame Street:
(Cute little activity I've seen in a few places on the internet.)

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Deceptively Educational said...

I LOVE that kids get to be the BEE with the awesome finger puppet! This so clever. Please share at the After School Linky Party on my blog, Lisa! I hope you and your family have an amazing summer!


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