Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SMMART MATH: Pizza Pancake

Maybe you've already discovered it?  The Pizza Cutter!
For years, I've been cutting pancakes into bite size pieces for my Littles with a fork and knife. 
No more! 
"Who wants a Pizza Pancake?"  (You have to say 'Pizza Pancake' in an Italian accent...have to.)
*If the wedges are too big, take that lovely pizza cutter and cut the wedges in half.  This handy little tool is a time saver!
And well,  the math application is a bit obvious...FRACTIONS!  Count up all the pieces, and for each piece you eat, say what fraction you've eaten so far.  You can also practice adding fractions with the pancake pieces as a visual.  1/2+1/2 = whole.   1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2...

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Deceptively Educational said...

This is SO smart!! No more forks and knives over here anymore. I love turning breakfast into fraction practice. I'd love if you'd share this in the After School Linky Party on my blog!


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