Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SMMART Time-Out: Icecream Chore Chart

Even princesses have chores!  Look at Cinderealla.  A classic example.  She swept and mopped the floors while musically expressing herself "Sing Sweet Nightengale", she mended her sisters' dresses, cleaned the tapestries...  Then there's, baking, moping and "shine up-ing"... Tiana worked hard for every penny she earned!  (Never did hear if they still had chores when they all moved into their castles...)
How do you motivate your children to do their chores and responsibilities?  I'm talking about getting homework done and reading daily without whining, practice their meals without complaining?

Most recently I heard someone talking about an ICE CREAM CONE RESPONSIBILITY CHART!
I loved the idea, so I set out to find clip art and....this is what I came up with.  So far, really good.  I have down some main responsibilities (speech practice, homework) and then have a few "ears" on scoops that the girls can earn if they "listen the first time" when I ask them to do something.  I have a few "hearts" on scoops that they can receive when they have been loving to a sibling or been extra helpful.  They start with a cone each morning and along the day, pile on the scoops when they accomplish their tasks.

If you'd like a copy of my clip art cones and scoops, email me ( and I'll be happy to forward that along. Then you can find clip art that you like, that works for your family, and paste them onto my scoops.

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Nicc said...

Super cute chore idea!! I love it.


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