Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SMMART Time-out:
Summer Activity Calendar

If I don't write it down and plan it, there's no guarantee it will be accomplished in my world...even then, it may not happen.  I am hopeful, though...and so I have written down one fun activity each weekday of summer to share together.

Grab an empty calendar and start jotting down ideas.  I think that I may skip around if I don't have something on hand, or just feel like doing a different activity and I'll highlight an activity when we've shared it, so I can easily see the activities that are left.

-Build a tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks
-Play store with a purse full of coins to practice adding money
-Break out the home-made sewing kits the girls received for Christmas
-Make pop-up books
-Papier mache
-Food color diffusion
-Expand marshmallows in the microwave
-Journal, journal, journal...
-Bake something fun each week together
-Color salt with chalk and make sand art
-"All about me day" (Look at baby books, watch home videos, photo album)
-Expand Ivory soap in the microwave...

Note to self...be sure to explore new playgrounds, splash at the pool, and go on plenty of walks in the cooler mornings.

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Linda said...

One of my daughters found an idea on-line called door dots. She and the kids put all their ideas of things to do over the summer on dots and tape them to the inside of the front door. The dots are bright colors - isn't that a fun idea!


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