Monday, May 23, 2011


Wow! Art masterpieces serenaded by the musical classics...slideshow and animation.  You really need to check it out!

You can access Van Gogh and Bach, Remington and Dvorak(a personal favorite Czech composer), Renoir and Geig slideshows when you click on the left tab "Art and Music".

I am especially excited about the "Go to the Museum" tab where you can find an artist and see several pieces of his work, read a biography and learn about the art movement of his time. 

There are animated stories, songs, puzzles, animated Beatrix Potter stories and even some great science links "Pexi has a question" and "Pluto Rap".  All of the above is offered free!  You can pay a yearly subscription to open more options, but this is a super start!

Thanks to for the heads up on this great educational tool!

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