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Macaroni Kids Layton
Hey Utah mommas! If you are always looking for something to keep your kids happy and busy, check out Macaroni Kid Layton-Farmington!
We are 2 Utah moms and together we publish a free weekly eNewsletter where we promise to bring you a HUGE list of family friendly events happening in and around Davis County. Each week you will find fun crafts, activities, giveaways, product reviews, movies, book reviews and more for kids of all ages. We strive to find great toddler activities, elementary aged events, and tween\teen hangouts.

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Here is an example of an educational article we send in our newsletter:

How to Try Until You Succeed
By Sherrie A. Madia, Ph.D.
Have you ever tried to do something only to find it was harder than you thought it would be? Learning something new—like riding a bike or working on a homework assignment—can sometimes seem impossible. It’s times like these when you might feel like just giving up. But if you put your mind to it, you can succeed at even the hardest task.

Here are four surefire ways to help you try until you succeed:
1. Ask for help. If you really get stuck trying something you haven’t done before, ask someone to help you. A parent, teacher, or older brother or sister is a great place to start. Even if you still don’t succeed right away, having someone there with you to think of ways to solve the problem can make trying easier. Remember: Everybody needs help sometimes, so never be afraid to ask.

2. Walk away … but then come back. If you are trying something new—like learning to skateboard or teaching your puppy to roll over—but find you are getting nowhere, take a break from what you are doing. Walk outside to get some fresh air, read a favorite book, or take a quick nap. Then, come back and try some more with a new outlook.

3. Think creatively. Write down the problem or task you are having a hard time succeeding at. Then, write down three things that could help you solve the problem. If these don’t work, go back and write three more. Repeat this until you succeed.

Problem: Learning the notes for piano
Things to Try:
1. Practice
2. Make up a song about each letter note
3. Ask Mom to quiz me
4. Don’t give up. It may seem as though the easiest thing to do is just give up. But giving up is no fun. The real fun comes from trying—and trying again until you succeed.
Don’t worry if it takes you longer than everybody else to succeed at something, and don’t worry if what you do isn’t perfect. The real success comes from not giving up. When you learn to throw a fastball or perform a pirouette, you will feel proud and happy, and with this great success, you’ll be ready to try again when the next hard task comes along because you will know you can do it!
Happy trying!
Sherrie A. Madia, Ph.D. is an educator, author, and communications coach. She is author of the children’s book Bumblelina (2010), the first in a series of books for preschoolers based on life lessons including friendship, sharing, respecting the environment, the importance of trying, and more. For more information, visit or

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