Monday, February 28, 2011


What is white and used to build a snowman?
Snow...well, yes...but SNOW GOO is the correct answer!
Combine a little white glue and a lot of shaving cream-don't worry about exact measurements.  Let your child use a spoon as a paintbrush or his hands to smear it onto construction paper and create a snowman.  Talk about the shapes you are creating.  You can make a triangle snowman, square snowman or even just a traditional circle snowman (or snowgirl in our family).  You can use construction paper shapes for a hat, boots and scarf.
If your child is a bit older, let your child smear the snow goo onto a piece of construction paper and then use their finger to practice writing their numbers.

Let your snow goo snowgirl dry.  Observe the texture dry as compared to wet.

Winter fun without gettting cold.
(This activity was found on ProTeacher)

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