Sunday, October 31, 2010

You bet I voted!

Living in military surroundings and experiencing several other countries, has certainly instilled a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to live in a democratic nation.

Even though it's not the easiest task, I often take my children with me to vote so they can experience the process. (I must say that I do love early voting since the lines are much smaller!)

Here are a few resources to share with your child during the election period:

Women's Right to Vote - American history for kid coloring pagesPresident George Washington biography

Granddaddy's Gift (International Reading Association Teacher's Choice Award)Vote!With Courage and Cloth: Winning the Fight for a Woman's Right to Vote

I searched for a cartoon about elections, and found this Care Bear "Mayor for a Day" episode. This shows the voting process with ballots or might help you explain why sometimes the public wishes to impeach someone in office:

This Popeye "Popeye for President" episode (lots of cigars and pipes). This could help to explain how candidates each have a platform or how some candidates might not "play fair":

"You're not elected, Charlie Brown" teaches about the voting process on a school level, good sportsmanship, loss in faith in a candidate.

White House Site/Blog:
Info and coloring pages of all the US Presidents:

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Staci Langford said...

I read about your blog in the BYU magazine. Great work!

I agree it is important to vote. To get my kids in on the excitement, we have an Election Day Dinner. I make a ballot and let the kids vote on what is their favorite dinner, side, drink, etc. When I vote I get extra "I voted" stickers for my kids. After they cast their vote for the Election Day Dinner, they get the "I voted" sticker. They love it and look forward to seeing what wins/


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