Monday, November 9, 2009


So, when do you set the time aside to read with your kids? I am wondering what your schedules usually include, and what triggers help you to make sure you are reading with your children.

An automatic trigger in our family is that we read books before naps and before bedtime. When we get a new load of library books, we also read scattered throughout the day since we want to explore the new books and see what stories lie inside.

I also like to switch up the books that we keep in the car. New books make for semi-quiet car rides.

We keep a basket of seasonal books on the floor beside each bed...I update the books each season/holiday/birthday time so that they're easy to grab and we know just where those special books are so we can easily read them in anticipation of a special day.

I often lay a book out on my child's bed for her to find while she's playing in her room.

Any other ideas?


lys said...

We read ever morning over breakfast!

SMMART ideas said...

Hi Lys,

Breakfast does make for a captive audience! Thanks for your comment!


SMMART ideas said...

Oh, and I love to read during bath time!


Jennifer Slaugh said...

We always ready before bedtime. My kids also like the bath books. We switch out our books for the holidays also. We go to story time over at the elementary school and they always get to bring home their very own book to color which they LOVE. We love reading at our house and then finding activities to go along with the stories we are reading

Anonymous said...

A great idea from our dr, put books in the bathroom! It helps them wait a little longer, and learn at the same time! WE have books in every room of the house so the kids are always bringing me a book to read.

Melanie :)

Pam said...

My new favorite trick for nap time (has worked 3 wks in a row) is I tell my grandson to go get his 3 favorite books and I'll get my 3 favorite books. Then we hurry off, grab our books and run back to lay down and read and we take turns reading one of his, one of mine, etc. He's always so excited to see what are my favorite books and I'm excited to see what he chose for the day.


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