Sunday, October 25, 2009


Roxanne, a producer for "Good Things Utah", pulled me aside the last time I was on set. She showed me these DARLING Halloween Hats that she cut out of paper plates! She is quite the talent, but I made patterns of her work that I'll gladly e-mail to you if you'd like them (SMMARTideas (at)

Roxanne said to be sure to use the cheap, thin paper plates. Fold the paper plate in half. First begin cutting along the trim in a semi-circle until you almost come to the end...and you can begin to cut out the shape you want. Make sure that the shape is connected to the outer rim somehow.

You can draw the pattern onto the plate for your child to cut out, or you can cut it out for him. Then let your child decorate his hat with crayons, paint, stickers, jewels, feathers, and glitter.

Roxanne said that these hats are great for any holiday and animals make great shapes for these hats too!

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