Monday, July 13, 2009


Boy do I need a time-out! Wouldn't it be great to send yourself to time-out for a few minutes just to sit down and take a breather...and then continue on.

We just had our new arrival, so I'll be taking a breather for a few weeks, but I'll be sure to post stay tuned!


C. Adair said...

your blog is hard to read because of the back ground...but I love the information.

Jedda said...

Congratulations on your new little one! Take it easy and enjoy that baby!

Cara said...

Congratulations! That definitely deserves a time-out. I'll miss your posts and great ideas, but you've left me enough to keep myself busy!

Camille said...

I'm still amazed you're out and about 2.5 wks after giving birth! It was so fun meeting you yesterday! Very cool blog idea. I'll have to check back every now and then!


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