Sunday, November 2, 2008


This activity provides an opportunity for your child to practice writing her letters with glue, and explore her olfactory creativity. It also introduces your child to other ways to enhance food's flavor without using salt.

You will need:
Piece of Cardstock, Cardboard, or Construction Paper
Craft Glue
Cotton Swab
Spices (Rosemary, Crushed Basil, Mustard Seeds, Cinnamon, Pepper-a grinder makes it more fun…)
Colored Gelatin in a shaker

Use a sturdy piece of paper, such as cardstock or even cardboard, for this activity.

Let your child use the glue to create lines, shapes and letters on the paper. If the glue is too hard to squeeze, then let them dip a cotton swab into a blob of glue that you squeeze onto a separate piece of paper.

Children who are just learning to write their letters may practice by copying lines. You can make straight, curvy and zig-zag glue lines on the paper for your child to trace with a glue cotton swab. Older children can draw letters with glue…and may enjoy writing their names.

Now, provide a variety of items for your child to shake onto the paper. If the item has a scent, let your child smell it as you talk about its name and what it smells like. Discuss which types of food you could enhance with each spice.

Your child may enjoy sniffing the letters of her name when she finishes this activity.
Allow your child to shake in some of these spices when you are cooking dinner together.


The Philpot Family said...

We are starting a Stansbury Mommies group. I would love for you to join us first of all, but I was also wondering if we could possibly put something up on the Stansbury board at the entrances of Stansbury to get the info out there to all the other Stansbury Mommies. Let me know!

Lindsay Philpot

Stansbury Mommies said...

Hey You,
Thank you so much for all those awesome ideas. Oh my heck we need you on board with this! LOL

We are going to call David as well so thank you so much for that info!



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