Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tape a piece of crepe paper, a tissue, scarf, or a ribbon to the end of a stick, or toy that is shaped like a wand. You may also use a bamboo skewer as the handle if you cut off the sharp end and tape the entire skewer in masking, duct or painters tape to protect little hands.

Turn on some music and let your child wave the streamer to the beat of the music. Help your child shake the stick back and forth quickly when the music is fast, and wave the streamer softly when the music is slow.

Teach your child to lead music. Find simple leading patterns online with a 2/2 or ¾ time signature. Write out the shapes with arrows for your child to follow and post on wall. Stand in front of child and demo or behind your child to guide his arm at first. Explain that you are keeping the beat of the music as you follow the leading pattern. Sing a song to your child as you both beat the leading pattern together. When your child is comfortable leading with one hand, he may wish to try both hands together. The left hand will lead opposite the right in the leading pattern.

Just let your child feel the rhythm and soul of a song and move around the room to the music with his streamer.



Cara said...

I really love your blog and I enjoy learning these new things as much as my children do. I ran across a couple of recipes for "slime" and thought of you and your blog for halloween. They are even "scientific!" The link is There are two more additional slime recipes in the sidebar on the righthand side. Anyway, I just thought they were fun to make for Halloween. If you have slime recipes I would love to have those!! Thanks again for all of your fun ideas. We do them every week.

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for this fun recipe. My daughter is sure to enjoy it. Thanks for posting the site information so other readers can find this Halloween fun idea too. I love to read comments that share more activities ideas! Thanks for reading!

crombie said...

thank you for this great idea...I was trying to think of way to make something just like this for music time with kids and now I'm going to use's just what I needed.


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